large seabird over Maui

(Hawaii, September 2009)

Jessica and I were driving along the Hana Highway in Maui and while we were still up along the North Shore we stopped to look around for a while at a nice outlook above the road. Suddenly Jessica spotted a large, remarkable seabird (perhaps an albatross) gliding effortlessly way above us. It was an amazing moment as we looked at this beautiful patroller of the coastline, and then it flew out of view from where we were.

link to video

Birds in the house

Striker and Belle the parakeets

Striker and Belle have their own personalities, for sure. Striker (green) is bold and confident, but with a mild temperament that makes him very cool–I just saw him grooming Belle between nips at their cuttlebone. Belle is a very sweet bird, with a quiet personality that responds much more to Jessica’s soft, loving voice and touch than to my chatter.