Passed out drunk guy on ground

passed out guy

Don’t worry though–one minute the guy was flat on the ground, but a few moments later he was getting into a cab that I helped him to hail and heading down 7th Avenue toward Clement, muttering something about Garcia Street. He was probably just a little drunk, I don’t really know.

I was riding along Geary Boulevard on my bike late Saturday night-Sunday morning and the Inner Richmond bar scene was just about spewing out its leavings for the night. The two guys looking at him in the picture didn’t seem as interested in helping the guy a few seconds later when they saw I was using my camera phone. Too bad for them, though. They were in a public place and this photo is my property–their whines of “erase it” went unanswered.

Podcast 7

The podcast #7 comes to you directly from Haight Street and Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. Take a slightly psychedelic trip through this hipster mecca–the scene just forty years ago of the famous summer of love. [MPEG video; Webshots video] And as you just might hear me say over the din on the street during the podcast, thanks to everyone that has supported the site or downloaded the podcasts! Podcast #7

Wordcamp 2007

The 2nd annual Wordcamp event is happening in San Francisco this weekend. Jessica and I are planning to attend.

Some are voicing their concerns about WordPress upgradability and security issues over the last year, which is a matter that needs to be addressed.

What I’m interested in is how WordPress will deal with the range of competitive threats in the self-hosted blog/CMS market, all the way from Gelato self-hosted tumbleblogs to an upcoming open source Movable Type version to new versions of smaller competitors like B2Evolution.

The new Peets on Geary

peets_sanfrancisco_5-24-2007_daniejmckeown_pacificpelicandotus.JPGWe’re not CitySearch here by any stretch, but a new Peet’s Coffee and Tea has moved into the neighborhood at 16th Avenue and Geary Boulevard here in San Francisco and as a coffee-swilling former Starbucks fan it has been a good new option, largely replacing the Starbucks down the street that never quite made it for atmosphere as it is built into a Wells Fargo.

So the Peets is good. They have good cold drinks along with strong, somewhat bitter and totally delicious coffee.

I don’t want any trouble with the neighborhood, but that is the one drawback to this Peets. The neighborhood, that is. We seem to have found people who would never go to one of the other coffee shops on the street like Royal Grounds or Starbucks or Joe’s Ice Cream but they are drawn to the wood paneling and old-fashioned Dutch chocolate coffee additives. These low-profile locals, mostly older and in small groups, have generally not attacked anyone but can sometimes form into feral packs. Be warned.

But if you can grab a coffee ring and hurtle out quickly enough (that will depend on how the line-routing rope happens to be placed that day) you get a solid cup and it’s well worth the locals.