Sparty the wild bird

Sparty by Jessica, March 2008

Jessica took this excellent picture of our budgerigar Sparty. The third bird to join our flock, he is a wild, flappy parakeet who has some powerful wings (even clipped as they are)–and he’s not shy about using them. I’m working on getting to know him, but for now our other birds Striker, and Belle to a lesser extent, are a lot calmer when I come to visit. I can’t help but wonder if he is even having an influence on the other two–it seems like the three of them are sort of developing a pack mentality. But we’re busy a lot of the time, so I’m glad that they have each other to play with all day!

Birds in the house

Striker and Belle the parakeets

Striker and Belle have their own personalities, for sure. Striker (green) is bold and confident, but with a mild temperament that makes him very cool–I just saw him grooming Belle between nips at their cuttlebone. Belle is a very sweet bird, with a quiet personality that responds much more to Jessica’s soft, loving voice and touch than to my chatter.