Local Food 365 presentation

Carlton Jackson and part of the Local Food 365 team explain why they believe in the idea of local food and how they plan to bring urban farming to Cleveland and Northeast Ohio with their startup.
A presentation from Cleveland Startup Weekend 2009.
recorded by Daniel J. McKeown / pacificpelican.us

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large seabird over Maui

(Hawaii, September 2009)

Jessica and I were driving along the Hana Highway in Maui and while we were still up along the North Shore we stopped to look around for a while at a nice outlook above the road. Suddenly Jessica spotted a large, remarkable seabird (perhaps an albatross) gliding effortlessly way above us. It was an amazing moment as we looked at this beautiful patroller of the coastline, and then it flew out of view from where we were.

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pacificpelican.us podcast #14

I’ve got podcast 14 out–it’s a trip through San Francisco, set in the Fillmore area and the Outer Richmond and packed with poignant drama and serious suspense–Will the lady talking loudly on the phone erupt in a rage as she notices my camera phone? Will the woman leering out the window the MUNI bus get out and do something about it? Will the caffeine-mad throng violently overrun the Peet’s on Fillmore?

All these questions and more answered–in pacificpelican.us podcast #14.

Actually, looking over it post-production I can’t help but think that it sort of strikes a somber note. Don’t know what to think of it really.  I’m calling it the “film noir” podcast.