Podcast 7

The pacificpelican.us podcast #7 comes to you directly from Haight Street and Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. Take a slightly psychedelic trip through this hipster mecca–the scene just forty years ago of the famous summer of love. [MPEG video; Webshots video] And as you just might hear me say over the din on the street during the podcast, thanks to everyone that has supported the site or downloaded the podcasts!

PacificPelican.us Podcast #7

Podcast 6 featured on Webshots

Webshots, one of the photo sharing sites that I like and have written about, has a video front page that features new content.

I’ve been lucky enough to have my latest entry into the podcast album, pacificpelican.us podcast #6, picked for the video page today!

[Here’s a screenshot to show what the video front page looked like the day this was posted, as Webshots has new video coming in all the time.]

I’ve always noticed a good audience for my pictures and videos on Webshots compared to other sites, and I’m sure that this feature will really add a lot more to the numbers of views! Thanks to Jessica and the whole Webshots staff!