large seabird over Maui

(Hawaii, September 2009)

Jessica and I were driving along the Hana Highway in Maui and while we were still up along the North Shore we stopped to look around for a while at a nice outlook above the road. Suddenly Jessica spotted a large, remarkable seabird (perhaps an albatross) gliding effortlessly way above us. It was an amazing moment as we looked at this beautiful patroller of the coastline, and then it flew out of view from where we were.

link to video

me and Jessica at Yosemite

Our fifth anniversary weekend was amazing–and we are still celebrating this week!

This picture is from last Saturday when we biked around the amazing Yosemite Valley. I’m not that skilled at taking self-portrait photos of the two of us while posing in them, as you can see, but we liked spending most of the weekend just with each other and around nature so what can you do?

Dan and Jessica, Sept. 2007, at Yosemite National Park