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known issues and bugs for [importance/category]

(last updated Oct. 29, 2011)

previous issues:

The readme.txt has the old default password; “msc517lakewood420” needs to be changed to “ghana2014goal” [fixed in version]

-the post list just lists all the links no matter how many there are [medium/usability] (won’t fix for now)

post perma-links need to have meaningful titles [medium/SEO] (done in

-the link list just lists all the links no matter how many; it can use the “count” parameter (hidden feature) but the count starts at the oldest URL and thus does not list the latest if there is a large number [medium/usability] (won’t fix for now)

-the file list offers a UI to set the “count” parameter, and this works somewhat, but the order of the files listed is somewhat unpredictable [medium/usability] (photo library rebuilt for version

-some sort of +1 problem with the URL shortener: the first URL shortened ( does not work; after the first one however the URL redirecting works fine [low/usability] (won’t fix for now; just shorten a warmup URL after installing)

-also (in relation to the previous issue) the link list returns error message when there are no shortened URLs [low/usability] (won’t fix for now; see above)

-canonical URLs should (maybe) find and remove any “www.” from themselves [very low/SEO] (won’t fix for now)

in PHP 4.4 [which is deprecated and is not advisable to use anyway] the URL shortener takes in data, and the link list works as expected, but the URL redirecting function fails and the browser just lands on a messed up version of the app page instead of the destination URL (program no longer tested on PHP 4; requires PHP 5.2+.)

in some views a nested main content div with unique ID should be added for styling purposes (fixed in added “corecontent” div)

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