download the version of the cms code download the new version [] (as a ZIP archive)

This version is a minor bugfix release with these changes:

–eliminated some spaces

–fixed readme.txt to reflect correct default passcode

More changes can be read in the notes to the previous versions, including and, which was a successor to the first public release of the code, version  As I have noted, is free software–it is a URL shortening, text file creation, and photo/file management script written in PHP and released under the GNU General Public License, version 2 or later, and the 0.0.9 series of the project is dedicated to the memory of Striker and Ava the parakeets.  Either a copy of the latest released version, or an even newer, more unstable development snapshot of the code may be found at this page.  Check the releases category to see the latest released version of the code.

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