Betta fish


For a little while a very amazing beta (betta) fish named Fishasaurus, a Valentine’s Day gift from Jessica, was a spirited and fun companion for me. I feel so grateful and only wonder if I did something wrong, as he didn’t live very long–but I feel like he understands that I did everything I thought was right to care for him. I was actually more fortunate to have such a great fish rather than unfortunate about how short it was for.

He and I were always hanging out whenever I was home. I think this photo was taken when I had him down near the computer with me while I videoed a humorous movie about “Guzzlin'” Gavin Newsom.

A beautiful betta fish

fish at Mariposa coffee house
On our way out of Mariposa Jessica and I stopped to get some coffee in town and the shop had a pet fish on the counter. I looked at him and he reminded me a little of my beloved old beta fish, Fishasaurus. I like how this picture captures the coffee shop fish up at the top near his bubble nest.