Episode 3: 2010 elections coming up, Wikileaks, Firefox 4 beta

In this wide-ranging, 24 minute oggcast Jessica and I discuss numerous topics and opinions. The show notes are good as a rough guide to the content.


show notes
1. politics and the 2010 election in the U.S.
a. Barack Obama has betrayed his liberal base
b. Republicans will try to return the country to the Bush agenda
c. Ohio governor’s race between Ted Strickland (D) and John Kasich (R)
d. right-wingers like their secession politics
2. parts of Arizona immigration law struck down in legal injunction
3. Wikileaks reveals documents from the Afghan War
a. transparency and government
b. Afghan opium: nytimes.com: “The American military — which has decided that widespread eradication can be counterproductive to winning over Afghans […]”
c. Afghanistan: NATO-funded contractors pay the Taliban
4. Tech roundup
a. Firefox 4 beta 2 available
b. photo management – Aperture 3 vs. free alternatives like Digikam, Shotwell and F-Spot
c. New Apple hardware – the ‘Magic Trackpad

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