Episode 2 – Media Codes: WebM vs. H.264

In this podcast I discuss some of the different codec technologies I’ve used for audio and video (which include mpeg1, mp3, mpeg2, mpeg4, h.264; and maybe Theora soon and WebM eventually) for this oggcast, my podcast and more, why I prefer open standards like Vorbis and Theora, and why it’s good that Google open-sorced the VP8 codec (which they are packaging with the Matroska container format and the Vorbis audio codec in order to create the WebM media standard).


My Ubuntu top 11 app recommendations

my free (GPL 2+) WordPress theme (version 0.1) [not actually mentioned in show]

The WebM Project : The WebM Project : Welcome to the WebM Project.

Matroska | CoreCodec.


Theora.org :: main – Theora, video for everyone.

Apple – QuickTime – Technologies – H.264.



(mp3 version)

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