Lights out in Lakewood

Last night the ice storm struck as Jessica and I were convoying down to Cleveland Hopkins to return a rental car. A sudden outage of lights in the distance made me wonder if power would be out at our place in Lakewood. But when we got home our lights were on. Today I drove Jessica to work and stopped at McDonalds on the way back– and managed to get the car stuck on an ice sheet (which had been covered by a layer of fresh now) until a few guys helped push it out. After getting the car a few feet up the semi-plowed driveway at our place, I went inside in the hopes of riding out the storm for a while–but then the power went out in the neighborhood (including stoplights) this afternoon.Fortunately the power is on a mile down the street so I went and got some gas and now I’m at Caribou Coffee sitting by the fireplace sipping dark roast.