Congratulations to Barry Bonds

Barry Bonds, the 40-something San Francisco Giants leftfielder, hit career home run number 751 recently, moving within striking distance of Hank Aaron’s all time record.
While the media has tried to single him out as an illegal steroid user (a charge not proven, as it is) and cheat, most fans know that whatever the details of the Balco case and whatever personal issues the man may have, Bonds is the greatest slugger in the history of baseball.

Leave it to a managing great to sum it up best:

‘Jim Leyland couldn’t be happier that his old star was elected by fans to start for the National League in next week’s All-Star game [to be held in San Francisco].

“People throughout the country obviously must not be as disgusted at Barry Bonds as some people have let on,” said the AL manager, who was Bonds’ first major league manager. “I think it’s a great story. I think he belongs there.”’

[photo: Reuters]