An appendix to my biography

My sister Ellen has launched a very cool new site about my family.  Here is my bio on it as of now:

Where does he live?

He’s in San Francisco.  He went to Michigan State for undergrad and then University of San Francisco for grad school.  He’s currently working toward getting a CPA.

Does he play any sports?

He played soccer in high school.  He also has a skate board he likes to take on the hills of San Francisco.

Does he have any pets?

No.  But if he did it wouldn’t be a dolphin.  He hates dolphins.

What does he like to do in his free time?

He reads a lot and has an online blog.  Here’s the link:‘ 

Right on!  Except, I did have a pet earlier in the year, Fishasaurus, who Jessica got for me and though he didn’t live long he was very cool and he taught me to love all aquatic creatures–even dolphins.

Ellen did a great job designing the site.  Don’t forget to read all of the McKeown family profiles and browse the photo album.

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