The Parrots of Lahaina, Maui (podcast 48)

Jessica and I enjoyed a wonderful honeymoon in Maui, and in between exploring Haleakala and swimming at Big Beach, we visited an amazing store in Lahaina which has beautiful parrots (and pot-bellied piglets!). Jessica had fun interacting with the three sun conures, one of which was super-friendly, one of which was bity and one of which was somewhere in the middle.

(View on Youtube.) #25 – Arnold Lake, Michigan

Jessica and I spent a weekend up in northern Michigan with some MSU friends, and the podcast is comprised of clips from our trip. You’ll see Arnold Lake at night through a fire and during the day off of the deck of the house we stayed at. In addition, you’ll find some weird random rooms, a poker game and a clip of an Amish family riding a cart drawn by a mule or something.

Arnold Lake

Dave, Ross, Tony, Mike and Jessica playing poker

Jessica on the deck

(View on Youtube.)

podcast 6

We haven’t had a new podcast here for a while–here’s the new one, featuring Yellowstone National Park.

We’ve got footage that ranges all the way from Pacific brown pelicans flying around the San Francisco Bay to American white pelicans in the Yellowstone River. Along the way we stop by in Reno, the Grand Tetons, San Francisco and southern California. Includes a few scenes from Wordcamp 2007. Thanks to the star of the show, Jessica, and all the rest of the cast.

And the podcast #6 was even featured on Webshots!

(View on Youtube.)