One Day in San Francisco (podcast 49)


Bush Street

photo of pigeons in San Francisco, Sept. 2009

After our wedding, Jessica had our honeymoon in Maui–and in San Franicso for a day. We checked into our hotel downtown, then ventured west into the city where we first met. That day we took the N Judah under the peaks and visited Sharon Meadow and Golden Gate Park, along with old Haight Street, and Jessica explained some artistic ideas.

(View on Youtube.) 21 – pets and the heartland

Jessica and I discuss our pet birds and our move to Ohio in the twenty-first edition of the podcast. Also included is a bit of winter weather in Lakewood, a clip of Fishasaurus the betta fish, a discussion about chili and beans, and the 2008 Chinese New Year Parade in San Francisco.

(View on Youtube.) 20 – Half Moon Bay (Next Stop Park Presidio)

Pacific Ocean at Half Moon Bay, February 2008

Half Moon Bay in San Mateo County provided a nice destination for Jessica and me–we walked along the state park beach and watched the sun start to reach near the water. After that, the next few days are a grim slog as San Francisco’s streets get heavier by the day and an ugly confrontation brews in the the Richmond District. After all that drama, Jessica and I take a trip to the Wharf to get some In-and-Out Burger.

(View on Youtube.) 19 – San Francisco, California

I may be preparing to move to Cleveland but I’m certainly still enjoying the limitless film-making possibilities of the city of San Francisco. For the week and a half that I videoed for #19, I never left the city limits. And so it is–so often it seems that this small city of some 50 square miles can pull you in over and over again with compelling action and energy.

To recap the neighborhoods visited in this installment, I’ll have to mention North Beach, the essential hipster strip with the cable car rolling right down the middle. And of course, Ocean Beach (actually a beach, unlike North Beach), which provides us with those dramatic twilight blue waves and a windmill on shore. Sitting near the ocean on the edge of Golden Gate Park, the podcast also leads us toward the other edge of the park, where drifters and street musicians bang on bongos with students, tourists and quirky counterculture types joining in. Leaving the park into the city, we also see a bit of Haight Street.

Along the way I talk a bit–first about how Barack Obama supporters and liberals in general would have a difficult time ever supporting or voting for Hillary Clinton if she still can’t renounce her mistaken Iraq war vote in 2002; and second, it’s clear that since he doesn’t want to force people to buy insurance, Obama’s health care proposal is more respectful of markets and individual liberty.
[UPDATE: The first year of his presidency was enough to make clear that Obama has been a disappointment.]

The second time I talk it’s about the park in Hayes Valley and how it used to have some sort of Burning Man-style piece of art out at the end of it back in 2005–but a year before that it was a pile of gravel, an obvious relic of the collapsed highway it used to be part of (the “Central Freeway”) before the 1989 earthquake.

The list of places also continues–a quick stop in the Mission, a pigeon party, a Jack-in-the-Box run in the Richmond during late hours, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the hills above Baker Beach for the opening Pacific Ocean sunset scene.

(View on Youtube.) podcast 18 – 2008 primary season

Partly, this podcast is about the 2008 primaries. It also has a handful of shorter segments, including talk from a chef in San Francisco (the part Jessica recorded), a performance by a blues band in downtown Cleveland, a drive in a Mustang through University Heights and an old madwoman’s rantings on California Street.

As the Democratic Party’s South Carolina primary leads into the major February 5th “super Tuesday” series of primaries, Barack Obama has the advantage at this point of having run a more positive, more inclusive campaign.

The lowball tactics of Hillary Clinton and her campaign–especially Bill Clinton–have not only unmasked again the vengeful, vindicative, cynical and ruthless political tactics that the Clintons thrive on, but have also served to considerably reduce Bill Clinton’s carefully cultivated image as an above-the-fray, philanthropic-minded ex-president.

I also discuss a previous blog post and Ron Paul’s shady racial past, from the New Republic article recently to his continued opposition to the Civil Rights Act,

It’s hard to predict the outcome of the next several weeks, but Barack Obama has so far balanced the need to ignore some of the distractions but also forcefully bat down the kind of misinformation that has been issued about him.

Overall, the tone of the campaign has been lowered a bit in the last few weeks. But maybe regular voters will ignore most of it and vote for the better candidate and not the more experience political manipulator. Obama supporters are still hoping for a good outcome.

UPDATE: The first year of his presidency was enough to make clear that Obama has been a disappointment.

(View on Youtube.) podcast 15 – from SF to Cleveland

coral reef fish, Cleveland Zoo

This podcast features a bit of San Francisco and a bit of Cleveland, featuring a segment outside the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame hosted by Jessica, Lebron James shooting a free throw, lots of cool animals at the Cleveland Zoo, back to SF for a trolley taking off on Powell Street, and exclusive clips of a BART ride through the south of the city along with Joey thrown in for good measure.

(View on Youtube.) podcast 9 – MUNI car crash

I was in the front of the 38 MUNI bus moving east on Geary Boulevard through the Inner Richmond when a car slammed into the back of the vehicle.

Quickly I turned on my camera, as the bright San Francisco day illuminated scenes of confusion. So podcast #9 is the Geary MUNI car crash edition.

A mangled car, the bus full of shocked riders that quickly become gawkers, the parking officer as the first official showing up on the scene–it’s all a bit crazy really, and all I did was follow the mob and record.

In our continuing MUNI adventures (see other MUNI happenings here and here) we see that someone has crashed his car into the 38 inbound bus. Chaos, mid-day San Francisco style ensues. From the lovely Richmond neighborhood, this one is real adventure [with some sound issues].

(View on Youtube.) podcast 14: film noir

Podcast #14 is an 11-minute journey through San Francisco along Geary Boulevard, by bus and by bike, from the Fillmore to 20th Avenue, from light into darkness.

As the days get shorter and shorter so quickly now as we head into November, I offer my own tribute to film noir.

[download the shortened version]

(View on Youtube [shortened version].)