The Christmas Rainbow

The first part of this short 44th edition of the podcast features a bike ride on Christmas along Lake Erie by Jessica and me wherein we discover a rainbow over Cleveland. Then the clips at the end are from a couple days later when we drove out to Pennsylvania to visit some family who are loyal members of the Steeler Nation.

(View on Youtube.) #29 – Pittsburgh

Ava, Striker and Belle

black parrot at the National Aviary

Jessica at PNC Park (II)

The 29th edition: Jessica and I celebrated our 6th anniversary together with a trip to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  We saw downtown and went to a ball game at PNC Park, and then went to the National Aviary the next day to see some amazing birds including some lorikeets that we fed nectar to.  Along the way we also include some clips of our parakeets around the house and of us bike riding around town in Lakewood, Ohio.

(View on Youtube.)