The Buzzards of Hinckley Reservation

The return of the North American turkey vulture (known locally as the buzzard) to Ohio is a spring ritual, celebrated in the area around Hinckley every year on March 15th.
We wanted to see the whole event (although we didn’t make the pancake breakfast in town, whose small country roads were jammed with bird enthusiasts). When we got to the buzzard roost site at the Cleveland Metroparks Hinckley Reservation, Jessica and I took some video of the returning birds on what seemed like the first day of spring.

buzzard coming in for spring

Jessica at the Hinckley Reservation

Dan looking at the buzzards

Jessica by the Rocky River East Branch

Dan at the Hinckley Reservation

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Sarah Palin in Lakewood

Not long after Barack Obama visited Cleveland last November (which I covered in a previous video), Sarah Palin held a rally one town west in Lakewood, Ohio. I went there and recorded some video.
Let me say this about Palin–I went there not to praise her, but to mock her. I thought Ohio would go for Obama. Seeing Palin up close, I knew she wouldn’t sway anyone with her divisive rhetoric. She prattled on with odd utterances like “heroic and trustworthy deeds” and scaremongering about the “far left.” Whatever. I’m glad she and McCain lost Ohio, and the country.

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Barack Obama with Bruce Springsteen in Cleveland

Jessica and I took some video at the Obama rally in downtown Cleveland on November 2, 2008. The video features some footage of the crowd, a song by Springsteen and excerpts of the speech by Obama.

[download the under-ten minutes version]

(View on Youtube [under ten minutes version].)

UPDATE: The first year of his presidency was enough to make clear that Obama has been a disappointment. podcast #30 – Vote Obama

As America approaches the 2008 elections, it’s time to elect someone who really represents changeBarack Obama.
This podcast features Jessica and me giving an endorsement and commenting on strategy in the waning days of the campaign, where Obama must talk specifically about putting different policies into effect on a wide range of economic issues. Like a lot of states, I think Ohio, where I live, is ready for change.
Also we play baseball a bit around Lakewood and hang out with the parakeets.

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UPDATE: The first year of his presidency was enough to make clear that Obama has been a disappointment. #29 – Pittsburgh

Ava, Striker and Belle

black parrot at the National Aviary

Jessica at PNC Park (II)

The 29th edition: Jessica and I celebrated our 6th anniversary together with a trip to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  We saw downtown and went to a ball game at PNC Park, and then went to the National Aviary the next day to see some amazing birds including some lorikeets that we fed nectar to.  Along the way we also include some clips of our parakeets around the house and of us bike riding around town in Lakewood, Ohio.

(View on Youtube.) podcast #24 – Chicago

In podcast #24 Jessica and I visit the big city of Chicago as well as the small, duck-friendly village of Long Grove northwest of it, and sing about mini-vans. It was a nice visit to my old hometown and we had a good time–you can see some photos here. We also discuss potatoes, and include some parakeets clips for all those bird fans out there.

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