Podcast 50


We cap off season 4 with a podcast that starts with Jessica and me, along with ducks, in a couple parks in Columbus; then we check in on parakeets Belle and Sparty as they perch on their repurposed CD rack and tweet; as the video moves on we see Jessica walking around Central Park with Les, and then we see some denizens of New York either ignoring the camera–or reacting to it. Also stars a messy dog and some bold pigeons.

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pacificpelican.us podcast #24 – Chicago

In podcast #24 Jessica and I visit the big city of Chicago as well as the small, duck-friendly village of Long Grove northwest of it, and sing about mini-vans. It was a nice visit to my old hometown and we had a good time–you can see some photos here. We also discuss potatoes, and include some parakeets clips for all those bird fans out there.

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podcast 10: birds of Mountain Lake Park

This podcast is a tribute by me to our local lake–actually the same one where Jessica and I made a skateboarding movie earlier this year—starring a group of ducks and some other birds.

So enjoy the birds of the Presidio and Mountain Lake Park in this high-fi, low-key tenth edition of the pacificpelican.us podcast!

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