Neener 2(012)

This video is made to take viewers into the recording of our band’s album Neener 2. Jessica and I discuss instruments, styles and process as the movie intersperses interview sessions with musical clips from the album over footage of sights around Cleveland from industrial blocks to rail bridges to police lights to Lake Erie.

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Neener 2/Neener 2(012)/ podcast artwork

podcast 46 – Cactus Juice

Jessica and I go out in Lakewood, the music about moonshine plays, and the dancing begins! Belle and Sparty the parakeets fly around the house. Then we take a trip across the river to the Coventry area of the east side, after seeing massed seagulls in a steel lands rail yard. And before we’re done, we stop by the Tremont Farmer’s Market ‘Treemart’ in Cleveland’s Lincoln Park.

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podcast 45 – goose landing

The video opens with a brief discussion of geese and Ava the parakeet. Then a trip from Lakewood through a wintry Cleveland continues: from a lady looking for a party in Gordon Square to Jessica walking in the snow in Rocky River to a freezing festival on Columbus Street to a drive through snowed-out neighborhoods on the east side.

Some of the music in this episode is original material, which you can download–you can see a list of the audio files on this page.

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The Christmas Rainbow

The first part of this short 44th edition of the podcast features a bike ride on Christmas along Lake Erie by Jessica and me wherein we discover a rainbow over Cleveland. Then the clips at the end are from a couple days later when we drove out to Pennsylvania to visit some family who are loyal members of the Steeler Nation.

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Barack Obama with Bruce Springsteen in Cleveland

Jessica and I took some video at the Obama rally in downtown Cleveland on November 2, 2008. The video features some footage of the crowd, a song by Springsteen and excerpts of the speech by Obama.

[download the under-ten minutes version]

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UPDATE: The first year of his presidency was enough to make clear that Obama has been a disappointment. 21 – pets and the heartland

Jessica and I discuss our pet birds and our move to Ohio in the twenty-first edition of the podcast. Also included is a bit of winter weather in Lakewood, a clip of Fishasaurus the betta fish, a discussion about chili and beans, and the 2008 Chinese New Year Parade in San Francisco.

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