Podcast 51

pacificpelican.us podcast 51 artwork

A new video podcast from pacificpelican.us is here, after a months-long hiatus. It’s a little more than two minutes and features Jessica, me, the birds, and some Indians fans and more including us talking in a restaurant. The soundtrack is taken from Jessica and my new album, Neener 1. If you want more videos with our songs in it, check out the “Cactus Juice” podcast and the “Mountain Range” music video. For more videos, check the video tag on the djm cloud blog.

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One Day in San Francisco (podcast 49)


Bush Street

photo of pigeons in San Francisco, Sept. 2009

After our wedding, Jessica had our honeymoon in Maui–and in San Franicso for a day. We checked into our hotel downtown, then ventured west into the city where we first met. That day we took the N Judah under the peaks and visited Sharon Meadow and Golden Gate Park, along with old Haight Street, and Jessica explained some artistic ideas.

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podcast 45 – goose landing

The video opens with a brief discussion of geese and Ava the parakeet. Then a trip from Lakewood through a wintry Cleveland continues: from a lady looking for a party in Gordon Square to Jessica walking in the snow in Rocky River to a freezing festival on Columbus Street to a drive through snowed-out neighborhoods on the east side.

Some of the music in this episode is original material, which you can download–you can see a list of the audio files on this page.

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pacificpelican.us podcast #30 – Vote Obama

As America approaches the 2008 elections, it’s time to elect someone who really represents changeBarack Obama.
This podcast features Jessica and me giving an endorsement and commenting on strategy in the waning days of the campaign, where Obama must talk specifically about putting different policies into effect on a wide range of economic issues. Like a lot of states, I think Ohio, where I live, is ready for change.
Also we play baseball a bit around Lakewood and hang out with the parakeets.

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UPDATE: The first year of his presidency was enough to make clear that Obama has been a disappointment.

pacificpelican.us podcast #24 – Chicago

In podcast #24 Jessica and I visit the big city of Chicago as well as the small, duck-friendly village of Long Grove northwest of it, and sing about mini-vans. It was a nice visit to my old hometown and we had a good time–you can see some photos here. We also discuss potatoes, and include some parakeets clips for all those bird fans out there.

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pacificpelican.us/podcast 21 – pets and the heartland

Jessica and I discuss our pet birds and our move to Ohio in the twenty-first edition of the podcast. Also included is a bit of winter weather in Lakewood, a clip of Fishasaurus the betta fish, a discussion about chili and beans, and the 2008 Chinese New Year Parade in San Francisco.

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pacificpelican.us/podcast 20 – Half Moon Bay (Next Stop Park Presidio)

Pacific Ocean at Half Moon Bay, February 2008

Half Moon Bay in San Mateo County provided a nice destination for Jessica and me–we walked along the state park beach and watched the sun start to reach near the water. After that, the next few days are a grim slog as San Francisco’s streets get heavier by the day and an ugly confrontation brews in the the Richmond District. After all that drama, Jessica and I take a trip to the Wharf to get some In-and-Out Burger.

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