The pacificpelican.us podcast is a video series produced by Daniel J. McKeown. Many episodes have also been executive produced by Jessica McKeown. Each post on the podcast blog contains a different episode.

In order to view a podcast on the blog, look to the bottom of each blog post. All you have to do is click on the “download” link and you should be able to download the video to view on your desktop, or inside your browser.
Here is an example:
Podcast: Download

You can also get the latest 10 podcasts via iTunes by clicking here [launches iTunes].

Another way to get the podcast is through a podcatcher, of course. Here’s the RSS podcast feed.

You can also view the podcasts and more of my videos on Youtube.

For an overview of the podcasts from the first four seasons, check out these notes.

The Neener 1 LP was used for the soundtrack to Podcast 51 in 2011.

A video called Neener 2(012) discusses our 2012 second album Neener 2 as it takes viewers around Cleveland in the summer.

For new (mainly audio) podcasts, check the djmcloud.danieljmckeown.com blog and its RSS feed. The pacificpelican.us/podcast video series and its Youtube playlist are discussed in Djmcloud podcast #56.