podcast 9 – MUNI car crash

I was in the front of the 38 MUNI bus moving east on Geary Boulevard through the Inner Richmond when a car slammed into the back of the vehicle.

Quickly I turned on my camera, as the bright San Francisco day illuminated scenes of confusion. So podcast #9 is the Geary MUNI car crash edition.

A mangled car, the bus full of shocked riders that quickly become gawkers, the parking officer as the first official showing up on the scene–it’s all a bit crazy really, and all I did was follow the mob and record.

In our continuing MUNI adventures (see other MUNI happenings here and here) we see that someone has crashed his car into the 38 inbound bus. Chaos, mid-day San Francisco style ensues. From the lovely Richmond neighborhood, this one is real adventure [with some sound issues].

(View on Youtube.)

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