New page – my WordPress themes

I’ve set up a new page for my free WordPress themes at
My themes are totally free (licensed under the GNU GPL 2 or later) and open source. You are free to download, modify, and redistribute them (under the same license).
These themes are designed to be configurable and easy to use, but they are intended for a broad audience. If you want me to develop a custom theme for your web site or blog, just send me an email at consulting -at-

Egret free WordPress theme, version 0.0.4

From the Egret theme blog:

A new version of the Egret theme is available-it has only one minor fix which I realized would be useful when creating Egret child themes.  The goal for this version is that the stylesheet should now be able to easily modify all the divs:

-some div tags had a mal-formed id; now have fixed id declaration

-also: removed link tag

Egret 0.0.4 is a free WordPress theme released under the GNU GPL, version 2 or later.

Download Egret theme version 0.0.4 here

(previous [already outdated] version: Egret 0.0.3 is a […])

Egret free WordPress theme, version 0.0.2

I have a new free theme for WordPress available. It’s called the Egret theme and it is very primitive right now but is a start in the direction of making HTML5 themes. Following through on what I said, I did not place a link to the site in the footer of the theme. Here is the announcement from the theme’s blog:

An early version of Egret, 0.0.2, is now ready for release. Egret is free software; it is a theme for WordPress, licensed under the GNU GPL, version 2 or later.
Here is a list of features:
1. uses WordPress 3+ background image features: the blogger can set background color, or upload their own background image
2. makes use of Gravatars with comments
3. centered on page
4. HTML5
5. minimalism
It’s actually a very simple theme, I hope to improve it but if you want to try it now here is the link

Update: A new version of Egret is available.

Keet version 0.1 (free theme for WordPress 3+ w/custom menu and custom header)

The Keet theme (version 0.1) for WordPress is now available for download:

download (ZIP archive)

or download the same file archived as a gzipped tarball

Keet is a sharp, flexible, free new theme framework that requires WordPress 3 or later.
While designed to have a similar layout to the new default theme (Twenty-ten) for WordPress, Keet offers some tweaks on the formula while still supporting the new features in WordPress.

Keet is free software; it is licensed under the GNU GPL, version 2 or later.

Here is a list of some of Keet’s features:
–Implements the new WordPress custom menus feature*, so the list of links below the header graphic can be user-defined.
–Eight free header graphics* to choose from, or (because of new WordPress features) submit a user-generated header graphic that you created yourself [just as in the Twenty-ten theme, except I’ve built the eight header graphics in Keet from myself and my wife’s own photographs and art].
–two-column layout–one large main column for content plus a widegetized right sidebar; in addition a narrow left side widgetized sidebar is available; when widget columns are unused they just disappear.
–Uses one of the new Google Web Fonts called Crimson Text by Sebastian Kosch for typography.
–Avoids excessive in-page navigation links and does not have a link on the author name to go to author archives.
–markup is in XHTML Transitional 1.0.
–Includes supports for Gravatars, pingbacks, and post attachments.
*–requires WordPress version 3 or later.

Myna theme version 0.5

Myna, a free theme for WordPress, now has version 0.5 available for download.

This version offers these changes from 0.4:
-CSS used to style text input field for comments
-extraneous comments removed from code
-CSS used to standardize size and weight of h1 and h2 tags
-readme.txt added (in the included folder) which notes that the theme is released under the GNU GPL (version 2 or later); also notes that the PHP code in the theme was informed by the tutorial at
-fixed favicon tag in header.php to work better and not repeat
-improved archive.php page that allows full post content to be shown
-added Jquery reference in header.php

Download Myna theme version 0.5 here

Or you can click here for the same code in tarball form

Myna theme version 0.4

Looking for a free, minimal theme for a WordPress blog that uses tags, not categories, offers widgets on left and right, and creates simple, minimal pages that let the content speak for itself?

Myna theme version 0.4 is now available.

This version offers these changes:
–added WordPress footer code (allows compatibility with numerous plugins)
–changed a few br tags to XHTML-appropriate br / tags
–style sheet changes for styling of a [anchor] tags to make links bold/slightly-lighter-blue when unclicked and unbold/darker-blue if already clicked on
–added category pages; based on Myna’s tag pages
–added archive pages
–added links at bottom (+ top) of index and archive and tag and category pages for navigation (older posts/newer posts)

As you probably know, the Myna theme is free software–it is released under the GNU GPL, version 2 or later.

You can download the 0.4 version of the Myna theme here

Update: A new version of Myna (0.5) is available.

Myna theme version 0.2

A new version of my Myna theme for WordPress is now available:

This version, 0.2, adds a few new features and refinements. Here are some of them:
–tag pages (which put the tag info within the h1 tag to distinguish them from other archive pages)
–updated titles for single posts to include blog name after post name
–refined favicon call to make it more likely to work on single post pages
–ultra-simple 404 page which includes link to blog home page

Myna is free software; it is released under the GNU GPL, version 2 or later.

You can download the 0.2 version of the Myna theme here

Update: A new version of Myna (0.5) is available.