Our bird Sparty has a very charming and unique personality. We’ve always seen this in her, but it took a long while for her to feel relaxed around us, in contrast to Belle and Striker who had almost immediately taken to us. Sparty would flap around the cage when we reached in and asked her to “step up,” or sometimes literally scream at us with short bursts. Part of this may have been gender confusion–we thought Sparty was a male for her first year with us, but as her cere (i.e. nose) has turned to a bright pink over the last couple months we’ve realized our error–even to the extent of usually calling her Sparta now. Part of it was just her acclimating to her surroundings and the other birds.
But even before we (especially Jessica) got good at handling our big yellow parakeet as we are now, we always enjoyed her charm and beauty–and creativity. I remember early on noticing that Sparta would pick up a loose feather while the birds were molting, and just hold it in her beak with a contemplative sort of look. Another time I took her upstairs into a room that was half-filled still with half-opened moving boxes, their contents spilled around the floor, when Sparta decided to burrow down in the stuff, crawling and digging in a way I’ve never seen a bird do before but reminded me of the hamsters that I had when I was in college.
I know pet people are a bit keen on their animals usually, but Sparta (along with Ava, Belle and Striker) is surely the kind of bird that anyone with an appreciation of parakeets would love.

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