Memorial Day weekend 2008 at Michago

Jessica and Dan on the bluff at Michago

Jessica and I drove out to western Michigan this Memorial Day weekend to enjoy the beautiful Lake Michigan shoreline out there between Benona Shores and White Lake in western Michigan. We met up there at the Michago beach house with Rob and Jim and Ed, and they got to meet our birds who had come along for the trip as well.

Aside from enjoying the amazing weather at the house, lots of fun stops awaited us in town, including a cruise on the sand dunes in Silver Lake, a round of golf, a stop at Dog n’ Suds in Montague, and a run for supplies in Whitehall. After the guests took off, Jessica and I also enjoyed a nice dinner together and later went on a fun twilight drive to a lighthouse.

Rob and Jim playing baseball

Silver Lake, Michigan

Jessica and Dan at White Lake

Jessica at the beach house

Striker, Belle and Ava

Belle and Sparty

birds over the beach house

sunset over Lake Michigan with Jessica

Rob golfing

morning moonset over Lake Michigan

swan in White Lake

Jessica at the go carts

Lake Michigan

Dan and Rob on the golf cart

Old Barn on Webster Road

Jessica, Ed and Jim on the Silver Lake Sand Dunes ride

Lake Michigan sunset

Jessica playing golf

Silver Lake

5 thoughts on “Memorial Day weekend 2008 at Michago

  1. Yeah, we took some good ones I think. I like those birds flying overhead–you spotted them when I was looking over the lake and I turned really fast and snapped them.

  2. My favorite ones from the trip, though, are of you Jessica! I love the one of you on the couch in the beach house! And the one of us on the bluff is a really nice one too.

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