Good thing Obama finally fired that psychotic general

(photo: US Military)

Stanley McChrystal is more than just twisted and distorted by the effects of a military career, more arrogant than one merely basking in the privilege afforded generals in this war-mad country. He is a dangerous, murderous psychopath who helped cover up the intentional killing of Pat Tillman by troops under his command, worsened the strategic situation in Afghanistan in the last few months, and systematically worked with the intention of undermining civilian command of the U.S. military forces.
I remember seeing an article last October about McChrystal trying to set policy for Afghanistan by giving a public speech, in London, which sought to undermine Barack Obama’s review of Afghan policy going on at the time by narrowing the options to only escalation. The fact that McChrystal would open his filthy, bloodthirsty mouth on his own was dismaying–and the fact that Obama didn’t fire him right away (and perhaps try him for sedition) was much more dismaying.
So he had to step way too far out again, but McChrystal finally forced the crisis that led finally to his firing when he and his staff gave an interview to Rolling Stone magazine, in Paris, and the arrogant and traitorous bile that would spew forth set in motion the chain of command crisis. After that, the normally timid Obama had no choice at all–so he dismissed this dangerous figure.
Now it’s time to leave Afghanistan–it’s the only logical move–but it’s hard to know what spark is needed to light up Obama’s sensibilities on that.

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