Belle and Sparty fly when they see the State flag wave

The parakeets like to fly from one side of the house to another, as you can see them doing in podcast 46. Often one of them decides to fly and the other will follow along as they yell and flap around. But there are certain actions that make Belle and Sparty both stop what they’re doing and take flight instantly. They will take off the second that they see me wave my Michigan State flag. You can see this in action in the video, as I say “Go State” just as I pick up the flag–they tend to fly away as soon as I touch the flag, I don’t even have to wave it anymore usually.

Jessica waves the State flag
Jessica waves the State flag

Jessica’s 31st birthday

We had a very fun surprise birthday party for Jessica at Sweet Melissa’s in Rocky River–I took her out and her friends were waiting at a table but she had no idea they’d be there.


On her actual birthday, Jessica opened presents from family, and Belle and Sparty (our parakeets) and I wished her happy birthday on video: