An excellent flyer and the most affectionate of our parakeets, Belle seems to be the one that stands out for her looks in the group–when people make a comment about one of our birds, it’s often about her. And I say her, but we really don’t know what gender Belle is. She may be a boy. If we determine that (here coloring so far is more inconclusive than Striker’s or Sparty’s) then we can call her by one of my nicknames for her–Bellerton or Belaroos.
Belle is often a companion of Striker, and will occasionally be seen playing with Ava or Sparty, but at the same time she always seems to follow her own rhythms. She might be in the middle of the scrum during a high-traffic period near the food dish, but she just as well might be up on the high perch grooming while the rest of the birds contest control of the food supply.
Everyone likes her, and she can more or less stay above the fray–for example, while a trip down to the food dish while the large and assertive Sparty is established on it can be a daring exploit for Striker or Ava, risking a scream-and-peck attack, typically Belle’s ascent to the food dish will be greeted by Sparty with at most a mild whine and sometimes a friendly greeting, almost always followed by a prompt, deferential hop-off to get out of Belle’s way. Another example of Belle being above the fray is that I often let her come out of the cage on her own time when she doesn’t want to come out, while I rarely give in to Sparty or Ava (and Striker usually comes right away). It may be favoritism–I think Belle might be my favorite–but I think it has more to do with the feeling that Sparty needs more socialization with me than Belle does and Ava–well she needs more socialization than any of our birds. Belle I just trust, and she almost always rewards me–she’s usually the first to volunteer to go back in after an especially fun play period outside the cage, and that kind of example is hard to undervalue in social birds like parakeets.
Belle is also an amazing climber. A crafty user of her beak, she climbs and holds on with it along with both of her legs. Unique among our four parakeets, Belle will hang upside down to chew on a toy from above or just hang out at the top of the cage.
Ever since Jessica picked her out, we’ve both loved Belle quite a bit–and she’s given us a lot of love too.

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