A new theme on this blog

Seeking to bend, if only slightly, to the web design trends of the last three years, I have put new themes on the three flagship blogs here on the pacificpelican.us–this front page blog, the podcast, and the photo-blog.
I am (at this moment–though these things change over time) using the Kirby theme from Ian Stewart, the WordPress theme designer behind Thematic. If you use WordPress and don’t know about Thematic, you should visit its web site. In my opinion, Ian Stewart is not only one of the best theme designers, but he also is one of the most influential as he makes clear, usable and GPL-compatible frameworks that anyone can use or modify. The Kirby theme is very flexible, and emphasizes readability and accessibility. And it makes it easy to add your own header graphic–I’ve used photos by Jessica and me for the artwork at the top of the blogs.
I want to make the site readable for users with smartphones, and I am somewhat skeptical of the idea of constantly maintaining a parallel web site for mobile users, and would rather make a site that is hopefully usable for a vast majority of users and devices. [I find this site pretty good with my iPod Touch 2nd generation, although I do use the pinch-to-zoom a bit.]
Anyway my view on the new look is that the theme works very well for the podcast blog, and overall pretty well for this front page blog. It might be my choice of themes for a while on those sites.
But the way it works with the posts on the photo-blog leaves too many spaces between photo and description [one of the things that I updated the theme to Kirby for was the ability to read photo captions, but hence all the posts up to this date have used the body of the post after the embedded photo and a space so it leaves too much room].
Anyway I am interested to know what readers think about the new looks (for now) for the blogs.

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